Privacy Policy

What Information Do We Require?

To place an order with us, we’d require you to collect some of your information like name, email address, contact number, and mailing address. Please make sure to enter information that is functional and correct.

The Use Of Information

The collected information is used to establish a connection between us and the customer. Logistic companies require the customer’s name, address, and contact number to reach out to the customer in case it is required.

Information Privacy

LAJacket takes full guarantee of protecting your information. None of the customer’s information is ever shared with a third party.

We respect customer’s privacy and to keep them satisfied our company do update policies as per the safety standards

If you do not agree with any of our current privacy policies, please reach out to our customer support so we can deliver the best possible solution for the issue.

All privacy concerns of customers have been taken into consideration but we are not liable for any unintentional data leak

Cookie Policy

To offer the best experience to the customers, we use a cookie policy.

To record the preferences of the website visitor, we save cookies and use them to deliver an improved and personalized experience in future.