NFL History: Who Never Won & Who Won The Last 10 Super Bowls

NFL History: Who Never Won & Who Won The Last 10 Super Bowls

and wants to know all about the best teams as well as the worst-ever teams?

Well, look no more, as in this blog, we have specifically covered each and every team that won a Super Bowl in the last ten years.

Moreover, to keep you in the loop about which ones not to cheer for, we have also compiled a brief list of the teams that never made it to the Super Bowl. Oh no!

So, give this blog a read, and you will be familiar with what has been happening in the NFL since this decade.

All About The NFL’s Most Promising And Un-Promising Teams

The Teams Who Won The Last 10 Super Bowls

To start off, let us look at the teams that have won the Super Bowl in the last ten years. To know all about them, read below!

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs Jackets have won three Super Bowls altogether. They first won the game in 1970. Sadly, this remarkable team had to wait donkey years to win their next NFL. It took 50 years before they appeared again in a Super Bowl.

In the past ten years, the Chiefs have won 2 Super Bowls: one in 2023 against the Philadelphia Eagles and the other in 2020 against the San Francisco 49ers. Here is a list of their wins in the last ten years:              

LIV:The Kansas City ChiefsSan Francisco 49ers31-202020
LVII:The Kansas City ChiefsPhiladelphia Eagles38-352023

Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams have won 2 Super Bowls in history. They first won in 2000. And, after 22 years, in 2022, they won their second Super Bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals. Here are the match details.

LVILos Angeles RamsCincinnati Bengals23-202022

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have appeared in 2 Super Bowls till now, and they have won both of them. So cool! Here are the match details of their win in the last ten years.

LVTampa Bay BuccaneersKansas City Chiefs31-92021

New England Patriots          

This team is one of the most reputable NFT teams in the franchise’s history. It is evident from the number of Super Bowls they have won in the last ten years.

In fact, in their last game with the Rams, the crowd supporting the opposition team and wearing Los Angeles Jackets had to return to their homes long faced after the match. Here are the details:

XLIXThe New England PatriotsSeattle Seahawks28-242015
LIThe New England PatriotsAtlanta Falcons34-282017
LIIIThe New England PatriotsLos Angeles Rams13-32019

Philadelphia Eagles

This exceptional team has made it to 4 Super Bowls but only won once in a total of four appearances. They won against the Patriots in the year 2018. Here are the match details of the game.

LIIPhiladelphia EaglesNew England Patriots41-332018

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos have won a total of 3 Super Bowls in history. However, in the last ten years, they only won once, in 2016, against the Carolina Panthers. Here are the match details:

50Denver BroncosCarolina Panthers24-102016

Seattle Seahawks

Fighting out in a total of 2 Super Bowls, the Seahawks won only 1 Super Bowl to date. They took home their maiden Super Bowl in 2014. Luckily, they won their first Super Bowl in the last ten years.

XLVIIISeattle SeahawksDenver Broncos               43-82014

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are one of the newly formed teams in the NFL. They made a clean sweep in 2 Super Bowls: One in 2001 and the other in 2013. Here are the match details of the games they won in the last ten years.

XLVIIBaltimore RavensSan Francisco 49ers34-312013

The Teams Who Never Won A Super Bowl

Well, if you do not want to suffer the disappointment of seeing the team you are supporting, it is always a wise decision to wear a Dodgers Jackets to the game. Diplomatic, much?

Well, now that we have looked at the teams that took home the Super Bowl award, what do you think? Why don’t we take a sneak peek at the teams who never won a Super Bowl?

Arizona Cardinals

This team started off as the Chicago Cardinals in 1920. To be fair, they did win 2 NFL championships. However, they failed to win any Super Bowls. Well, if you are a true NFL enthusiast, then you must be familiar with how competitive the team really is. Spoiler alert: It is not competitive at all.

Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have been a part of the NFL ever since 1996. However, they did not win a single Super Bowl. Ouch! Well, they did appear in 2 Super Bowls but lost both games awfully.

Cleveland Browns

All the teams on this list have an ill luck. However, the Cleveland Browns rank at the top of this list. This team has won many championships (in 1950, 1954, 1955, and 1964.). However, it has been tough sledding since then. This unfortunate team has never made it to the Super Bowl ever.

Detroit Lions

It has undoubtedly been a rough go for the fans of the Detroit Lions. Even though they won 4 championships between 1935 and 1957, they never appeared in a Super Bowl.

Summing It All Up

And there you have it: we have mentioned all the teams that have won the Super Bowl in the last ten years. To sum it up for you, these are the most promising teams in the NFL:

  1. Kansas City Chiefs
  2. Los Angeles Rams
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  4. New England Patriots    
  5. Philadelphia Eagles
  6. Denver Broncos
  7. Seattle Seahawks
  8. Baltimore Ravens

The most unpromising teams that failed miserably to make it to the Super Bowl are:

  1. Arizona Cardinals
  2. Atlanta Falcons
  3. Cleveland Browns
  4. Detroit Lions

So, we hope that now you are well familiar with which team to cheer for in the next game!

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