Super Bowl LVII: The Battle of the Champions Unfolds

Super Bowl LVII: The Battle of the Champions Unfolds

The Super Bowl, also called the “big game”, is the final tournament of the National Football League to decide who the league champion is. It came into existence in 1966 and has served in every NFL tournament. Previously, the games were played on Sundays in the mid of January, but since 2022, the championship battle has started taking place on the second Sunday in February.

The winning team is generally awarded the great Vince Lombardi Trophy or called Lombardi. The Vince Lombardi Trophy is named after the greatest coach in football history, Vincent Thomas Lombardi.

Hence, this blog will revolve around the Super Bowl LVII and the previous final playoff games to familiarize football fanatics with everything they need to know regarding it. Reading this piece of writing will also let you know how the battle of champions will unfold on the super Sunday of 2023.

The Great Origin

Since the 1920s, NFL had several rivals but remained top among them until the 1960s, when the most severely challenging competitor entered the big picture – the American Football League. These two best teams decide to compete with each other for a championship to please their fan following.

The tournament was initially named as AFL-NFL World Championship Game. Later in 1969, the principal founder of AML and owner of Kansas City Chiefs, Lamar Hunt, coined the new name “Super Bowl”. The idea behind this term appeared during his light-bulb moment after he glanced at his son’s “Super Ball” toy. 

However, in the present time, the big game is regarded as a uniquely American event because it is no longer a mere sports function. But it is a source of celebration for the whole country, and they actively watch this pompous ceremony while showing up in Super Bowl jackets and other merchandise.

How Does Super Bowl Ideally Take Place?

Several international sports lovers also eagerly watch the big game, but many don’t know the exact rules. So, if you’re one of them, read this part to understand because it will help you enjoy the tournament even further.

The season starts with thirty-two teams, divided into the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. Each conference has half of the total teams segmented into four geographical parts.

Furthermore, each geographical part has four teams. Later, the four champions are selected from each conference based on their performance. Among them, the two winning teams will fight with the two remaining ones.

Lastly, the two qualified groups will have a playoff with each other in the final playoff game, which has four quarters of 15 minutes during the tournament. If any match ends with a draw between the two teams, then there will be overtime periods.

Super Bowl LVII

It is the forthcoming American football championship game of the NFL for the 2022 season. It will be a tough competition between the Kansas City Chiefs, who belong to AFC, and the Philadelphia Eagles, who belong to National Football Conference (NFC). The 57th big game will take place on Sunday, February 12, 2023, at 4.30 p.m.

The location chosen for this championship is State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Though Los Angeles Dodgers couldn’t make it to the final playoff game, you can still showcase your Dodgers jacket in the stadium, and it will show your most profound admiration for your favorite players.

Let’s Take A Look At The Both Teams

The Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs, named after the city it was founded, is one of the most famous American football teams. It is an active club member of the AFC’s western geographical division. The great businessman Lamar Hunt founded the team named after its geographical location, Dallas, Texas, in 1959 and later relocated to Kansas City in 1963. The Kansas City Chiefs entered NFL in 1970, after which they experienced a tremendous boost in its value.

If we look at the history of the Kansas City Chiefs, it has proudly won the final playoff game twice. They entered the big game for the first time in 1966, but they won their first Vince Lombardi Trophy in 1969. The Chiefs have secured victories out of the four performances. What do you think about their upcoming appearance? Do you feel that they will be awarded another Vince Lombardi Trophy?

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles is another prominent American football team founded in Philadelphia. It is a member club of the east division of the NFC and actively participates in the National Football League. The Philadelphia Eagles were born in 1933, and since then, they have performed in 29 playoffs. It has secured 16 division titles and made it to three big game tournaments.

However, they won Vince Lombardi Trophy only once in 2017, and their players eagerly await to hold this trophy again in 2023.

History Of Super Bowl Tournament

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The Super Bowl is one of the most popular sports tournaments held yearly to discover the National Football League (NFL) champion. We shed light on its origin, how it works, and the upcoming big game, but it has a rich history based on several competing games, which we will discuss now.

The First Super Bowl

In the first tournament, the National Football League’s Green Bay Packers won over the AFL champion Kansas City. It occurred on January 15, 1967, at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Interestingly, its ticket was worth 12$, yet it was not sold out, and it was the only non-sellout contest in the history of the big game. Moreover, it was aired on CBS and NBC and attracted more than 61,000 fanatics.

The Kansas City fans wore their merchandise the way LA Lakers fan following supported their players by showing up in Lakers Varsity Jackets. Amazingly, even in the second year, Bay Packers played against the Oakland Raiders and successfully won the trophy. Both wins raised questions about AFL players’ competency.

The Third Big Game

The third big game was played on January 12, 1969, at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida. AFL champion New York Jets contested and won over the NFL champion Baltimore Colts. It was the turning point for AFL as it was the first time they beat NFL, which was a tremendous shock for almost all sports lovers. So far, the previous playoffs were referred to as AFL–NFL Championship Game, but the official trademark name changed to “Super Bowl” from the third contest.

The Greatest Football Championship Game: 1970 – Today

Three teams – Miami Dolphins, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Dallas Cowboys commanded the National Football League in the 1970s. They proudly won eight Vince Lombardi Trophies in ten years and amazed their fanatics.

During the 1980s and 1990s, franchises of NFC, such as the San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, Washington Redskins, and New York Giants, won sixteen out of twenty contests. Other franchises, such as the Cowboys and Buffalo Bills, also performed well during this period.

The Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, and New England Patriots showed up for their conference from 1995 to 2016. They represented 20 out of 22 times in this tournament. Talking about the 2020s, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV, which occurred in Tampa, Florida. Later, during the big game LVI, Los Angeles Rams (NFC) defeated the Cincinnati Bengals (AFC).

The Final Thoughts

With this, this piece showered you with almost everything you would like to know about the Super Bowl LVII and their previous tournaments. After reading this post, you also are aware of how the big game originated and works. You’re ready to rock the upcoming championship in your favorite team’s themed jacket. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this blog with us!

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